Wall Mirrors

wall mirrorsIf you want to make your office, home, shopping mall more elegant, noble, atmospheric, and mysterious, then wall mirrors are a good choice. Wall mirrors are an excellent solution for decorating homes, hair salons, clothing stores, and restaurants. They can decorate the living room TV, sofa, porch, bedroom wall, with its novel ideas and advanced craftsmanship, it not only meets the needs of consumers for decoration but also reflects the artistic temperament, making it a perfect combination of commerce and art. We can also install light strips as needed to get attention, and the use of mirrors can also increase the sense of luxury

Ant Display Co., Ltd. is a wall mirrors manufacturer integrating design, production, and sales. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of green environmental protection, novel design, fashion and simplicity, and creates wall mirrors with unique artistic style and cultural connotation. The wall mirror we provide is easy to install and can design and decorate stores and homes according to your ideas. Our company has a professional design team, skilled workers and advanced production equipment. Ant display pursues progress and provides customers with first-class services. You can order shapes of wall mirrors from us, including round, oval, square, etc. View more wall mirrors below.

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Wall mirrors effect

wall mirrors1. Adjustable lighting wall mirrors

In the case of insufficient light in the space, using the wall mirror as a partial wall or top surface material can effectively enhance the brightness of the space and make the space more transparent and bright.

2. Separate space wall mirrors

In the home, mirror walls are often used as a partition. It is bright and artistic and can reduce the sense of isolation between the two spaces and even visually enlarge the space.

3. As an art decoration

Wall mirrors can be matched with glass and colorful patterns to achieve a unique three-dimensional effect. Under the sunlight or light, it can create a unique artistic atmosphere for the interior, and enhance the taste of your shop, office, and home.

Mirror wall application

  • The restaurant

The dining table is at the end of the space. A mirror parallel to the dining table reflects the entire space in the mirror. Sitting here no longer feels cramped against the wall, but interacts with the entire space. The mirror can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the restaurant and can play a very good decorative effect.

  • Household

Wall mirrors are very suitable for home furnishing and can make up for the shortcomings of insufficient lighting in the living room. The mirror can also expand the field of vision, making your living room look more spacious and bright. Choose the color mirror combination of the same color series to easily create a dreamy feeling. In the irregular entrance hallway, install a whole mirror wall with a light-toned wall as the background. It can extend the visual impact and relieve the pressure caused by cramped space.

  • Salon shop

The mirror in the salon is indispensable. It not only allows customers to easily see the styling but also facilitates the operation of hairstylists and eyebrow technicians. You can also choose to add lights to the mirror to light up the salon and create a good atmosphere.

  • Cloakroom and clothing store

Using a full mirror wall to close the door is a refreshing mirror that can be matched with your clothes. Your dressing table or island cabinet is also designed as wall mirrors. Wall mirrors are very common in clothing stores. It provides convenience for customers and can expand customers' horizons to stimulate their desire to purchase.

wall mirrorsWall mirrors with decoration

Mirror surface + bright surface plate

The mirror material itself is more shiny and glamorous, while the shiny plate is more fashionable and luxurious. The combination of these two materials will only make the interior sparkle. The combination of these two materials is full of colorful dynamics under the catalysis of colorful lights.

Mirror + leather

The combination of mirror and leather is also unique. Elegance without loss of quality exudes a classical and romantic temperament.

Mirror + solid wood

Wall mirrors with natural and warm wood grain give a gorgeous impression. It can add a calm and restrained decorative atmosphere. Let the interior naturally permeate a fresh and leisure atmosphere, but narrow the distance between people and space.