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E-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes have the same function, they are both very popular things. It is addictive, and it is different for many people to quit smoking. Although they are harmful to the body, they are still very popular. They are products that can be sold reasonably, so many people are starting to sell e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are much more convenient than traditional cigarettes, and they do not need to be used with a lighter.

vape shop

Start Idea

There are many types of furniture in e-cigarette shops, and different types of display cabinets can enrich our store. The interior design and display furniture of e-cigarette stores are similar to those of electronic product stores, such as mobile phone stores. A clean and tidy shop can make us look more professional, and customers are also more willing to visit our store and browse our products.

So when we get a store, the first thing is to design. The design covers all the details, including wall and floor color, decoration, furniture type, quantity, and location. If there is any dissatisfaction, we can modify it at any time. After confirming the final design, we can decorate and purchase furniture according to the design drawings.

e-cigarette shop

Furniture Placement

When we started designing, we first built a model based on the floor of the store and then designed the furniture inside. This store is relatively large, mainly including high display cabinets against the wall, a glass display stands at the entrance, and an e-cigarette kiosk in the middle of the store. The innermost area is the sofa area, which is also a rest area, which can receive customers or friends.


The type and color of the furniture are also part of the design. We also need to floor the advice of the store owner when designing. Most of the colors used in e-cigarette stores are relatively dark, such as black or gray. The color of this store is black and a small amount of orange. When we choose colors, we often decide based on the color of the logo.

vape shop furniture

Furniture Type

There are three types of display furniture in this store. Their display methods are similar, but the shapes and sizes are different.

Glass Display Stand

This is the glass door at the entrance and used as display window furniture. It is composed of a stand and glass layers. And the length and width are relatively small. It has a total of layers. Here we can show some models of e-cigarettes.

Wall Display Cabinet

The tall display cabinets are placed against the wall, and their capacity is relatively large. There are not many high display cabinets in this store. There are only 4. The upper part is the display of the shelves, and the lower part is the display of the inclined plane. The volume of e-cigarettes is very small, it is round. A bit like a pencil shape, so a display cabinet can also hold a lot of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette Kiosk

This one is put in the store middle. It is rectangular and can be used alone in shopping malls. In the middle of the kiosk is a high display cabinet, surrounded by glass display cabinets and a seating area. The cash register is in the middle of the glass display case. 1-2 employees can be arranged in the kiosk. Some advertisements or posters can be placed on the cabinets at the four corners of the kiosk. As shown in the design drawing.

Rest Table & Chairs

In many places, these are signs prohibiting smoking and so on. SO many people take a break and smoke directly in the store. We can set up some seating areas for these customers. The tables at these customers. The tables at these points are similar to the tables and chairs in the bar. They are all high tables and bar chairs against the wall.

display showcase

Store Decoration

From the design drawing, we can see that this store is very individual. In addition to display cabinets, it also has a large number of posters or slogans. These can be used as shop decorations. The content on the poster is also very rich, there are posters of e-cigarettes, publicity pictures that smoking is harmful, and so on. Although a bit contradictory, it looks very special.


The above is the content of this store. It is very clear, it can help us to confirm all details. If we have no idea how to decoration our store and don’t know what kind of furniture you want to buy. I suggest we can make a 3D design first. We are a custom company, we have our design team, they can help us to design everything. So our factory will help us to produce that furniture.