If we want to display our products, in addition to the shop and the mall, the other place is the exhibition. As we all know, that exhibition is all businessmen, and the people flow is very large. Our products can get great exposure. In fact, the exhibition also likes a shop but it is an open place. Our furniture and products can be seen directly by customers. If you want to enjoy the exhibition, then we need to make some furniture to display our products. Such as the above pictures I send. This is the exhibition for display sunglasses, we can have many beautiful furniture.

We can see it almost tall glass display furniture. Glass display cabinets are one of the most commonly used display furniture. Generally, glass display cabinets are equipped with light strips. Under the influence of light and glass, our products will look clearer and shiny. We can see that there are two kinds of display cabinets, one is the display cabinet against the wall, and the other is the glass display cabinet in a positive direction. It can be displayed on all four sides and looks more attractive. Let’s look at their details.

Beautiful display furniture for sunglasses

Wall shelves

Size: 2400x350x2000mm

Material: MDF, tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Lightbox, strip light

Price: 1600USD


Square display case

Size: 300x300x1800mm

Material: MDF, tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Strip light

Price: 600USD

These sunglasses display cabinets are very beautiful, they can also be used in the store after the exhibition. If you have a shop or need to buy some display furniture, you can contact us. We can design the interior furniture according to your shop size. Its size, color, and shape can all be changed. If it is a design shop, our design fee is generally 500-1000USD, and the specific amount depends on the area of the shop. If you just design a display cabinet, the price is generally 300USD. Our production time is 28 working days. When finishing production, we can ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address.