jewelry shop

In addition to chain jewelry stores, many stores are private enterprises. The size of a jewelry store can be determined according to the popularity of the brand or the number of products, and sometimes it is also related to the size of the store they rent. There are many large-size jewelry shops on our website, and there are many pieces of furniture that are uniform, the same size, and the same type. But this is not applicable to small irregular storefronts.

The size of the shop I want to introduce today is very small, and its interior is irregular, which makes it difficult to arrange the interior display furniture. What should we do when we rent an irregular shop? First of all, we have to observe its floor plan, then cloth, and then determine the style of furniture.

Shop Floor plan

 jewelry shop floor plan

We can see that the size of this store is not big, there is still one-third of the space inside that cannot be used, the aisle on the inner right side is relatively small, and we can only use the front part. If the storage space is relatively small, we need to use all the space as much as possible.

Jewelry Shop Layout

In the passage on the left, due to limited space, we can only put some small glass display cabinets. This place is not suitable for high display cabinets against the wall. For jewelry stores, the high display cabinets against the wall are usually models of necklaces.

The wall at the entrance is relatively large in size. We can make some high display cabinets against the wall and design a cash register in front. If there is still room, we can put some more low cabinets.

Many jewelry stores will have some glass windows. The front of this store is a glass wall and door. We can make good use of this position to make glass windows. 

shop design

Build Model

If we already have an idea, we can start building a 3D model. First, we will build a model of the store based on the customer's floor plan, and we can know the size of each place. This will make it easier for us to arrange the size and type of furniture.

According to the customer's request, the color of the furniture we designed is gray and white. The main color is white. Since the shop is relatively small. The furniture we design can be a combination of display and storage. The upper part is a glass display box, and the lower part is a cabinet. This will also make it easier for us to store more things. 

The wall cabinet behind the cash register is very high, with a glass box installed on it, which looks like a display box embedded in the wall. This kind of wall cabinet is very beautiful and is very commonly used in many jewelry stores.

If we don’t have much staff, our cash register can be designed to be smaller so that there is more space to display our jewelry cabinet.

This store has two glass walls, we can design a high wall to divide them into a small display window, and then put a cabinet to display jewelry in the internal space. We can see their effect from the design drawings.

jewelry shop furniture

Jewelry Showcase Location

In addition to the furniture in the store, we can see that there are also some display cabinets at the door and outside. Jewelry is a valuable item. Generally, we don’t put them outside directly unless there is a staff nearby.

If we are in a remote location and there are all acquaintances, we might be able to do so, All of our cabinets have installation locks, The glass uses toughened glass, which is very strong and safe, and can protect our property to a certain extent.

Jewelry Shop Design

The design drawing is very important for a store, we can confirm all the details through the design. Just like the small jewelry store in the picture above, it looks a bit crowded because we have designed a lot of furniture in it. Of course, this is also the requirement of our customers. We mainly design the style, quantity, and location of internal furniture. After the design is completed, it will be sent to the customer for confirmation. If there is a need to modify, then we will modify it according to the customer's requirements. After confirming the final drawing, we can start production.

If there is no design, if you buy existing furniture blindly, it may not match the size of the store, etc., and space cannot be used well, so the best way to buy furniture is to design.