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In the shopping mall, there have many different types of locations. Some for store and some for mall kiosk. Of course, the store is also different in size. Some of the corners are very small in size. They can be used as kiosks or shop locations, This depends on the furniture we buy. If we want to open a cosmetics shop in a mall, but the size we get is very limited, What should we do? In fact, whether a store is popular or not depends largely on the interior furniture and decoration. Cosmetics are used on the face, so we are more concerned about its safety, price, and popularity. Many people will buy some famous brands, and some people will pay attention to packaging. If our shop looks very rudimentary, then customers will not willing to come to take care of it.

Therefore, size is secondary. The key is to find suitable and beautiful display furniture. What I want to introduce today is a small store in the corner of the mall. Its display furniture is very high-end.

cosmetic store


When designing a shop’s furniture, the most important thing is to understand the dimensions and details of the location. The dimensions are the size of the four sides, and the details are mainly the location, such as whether there are walls or pillars around it, The size of this store is 8x3m, its back and left and right sides are all walls, only the front is open. After knowing this information, we can start the furniture designing.

Furniture Style/Color

When designing furniture, it is necessary to combine customers’ ideas and product types. Different products need different display cabinets to display. We need to understand what customers sell and in what form they are sold.,

The color of the furniture we designed is white and metallic. This metallic color is rose gold. The material of this color is mainly electroplated stainless steel, and its display effect is very advanced and beautiful. White is the main color, rose gold is mainly used for decoration.

cosmetic furniture

Furniture Type

Different products correspond to different furniture. Generally, the furniture in cosmetics stores has different styles. Their colors are the same, but the display effect is different. This shop is made up of four different kinds of furniture and some decorative frame. Different styles of furniture can also make our shop look richer.

Display Cabinet

There are two display cabinets in this shop, one of which is a display on the outside and a cash register on the inside. Its height is 1.2m. Another display cabinet is on the other side of the entrance. The height is 1.4m. We can put some trial products on the counter, and customers can buy them if they like. Both of these cabinets only have a countertop as a display, with some decorative patterns on the outside and storage cabinets on the inside.

The other three types of cabinets are all high cabinets against the wall, which is an indispensable choice for small shops.

Wall Shelves

The wall shelves are the cabinet with the horizontal shelves in the middle. There have two kinds of wall shelves in the shop. One of them is an ordinary display cabinet, the shelf is decorated with stainless steel, and the other is stainless steel on the inner side. We use mirror stainless steel, which looks like a mirror. The shelves display can put some canned or boxed skincare products and facial masks. Below the shelves are the cabinet. We can store some inventory.

Slat-wall Display

Slat-wall display is also a very common display cabinet in mobile phone shops, we can display some relatively small things/ Such as eyebrow pencil, lipstick or other things that can be hung. The capacity of the slat-wall display is also very large and one hook can hang many kinds of things.

This shop uses a combination of slat-wall and shelves. The upper two shelves can be placed as storage, and the products below can be freely selected by customers.

Box Display

The box display is similar to the tall cabinet. This kind of display basically puts a product in each box. The position and size of the box can be different, so it looks more design. The tube supporting the box is a rose gold stainless steel tube. It can be well integrated with the style of the entire shop.

This kind of box display can also be installed directly on the wall and fixed with screws.

Decorative Frame

The decorative frames on both sides of the entrance are made of mirror-plated stainless steel, which can be used as decoration or as a support for a box display. From the design drawing, we can see that this kind of stainless steel is the main decoration, and it is the main decoration in luxury stores such as barbershops and jewelry shops.

display cabinet

Cosmetic Shop Design

Therefore, whether a shop is beautiful or not has nothing to do with its size and shape, but mainly depends on the interior furniture. When we rent a shop, we will do the design first. The design drawing can help us put the display furniture we want in the floor plan of the store, and we can intuitively see its overall effect and the style of the furniture. We can also judge from the design whether it is what we ultimately want to present to the customer.