hair slaon design

For many shops, different brands and owners have different styles. We will consider 2 things when we design the shop. First, customer’s brand, secondly, owner’s ideas. Some brands have many franchisees, so the style of their stores is uniform. For some self-employed stores, when we design the store, we need to consider the owner’s business, the shape of the store, the owner’s ideas, etc. There are many styles of barbershops, the most common are two styles, modern and retro. Modern walls and floors basically use some brighter tiles, and most of the furniture has golden stainless steel. Most of the retro storefronts use wood grain floors or slab tiles as walls. The overall tone of the modern style shop is brighter, and the retro style is darker. I want to show you is the retro-style hair salon.display cabinet


Hair Salon Design Content

Floor plan

When we design a store, the most important thing is to get the floor plan of the store first. From the floor plan, we can see the shape of the store, whether there are pillars inside, and the length and distance between each area and the wall. It can help us accurately design the size and placement of furniture.


The main business of this shop is a haircut, hair dye, shampoo, and a small number of nail services. After knowing the main business, we can design the corresponding furniture. Such as styling station, nail table, shampoo area, etc. The extended furniture has display cabinets for storing shampoo and towels. In addition, there are two kinds of furniture necessary for barbershops. The reception desk and customers rest and waiting for sofa chairs.barber shop design



The decoration can also be said to be the overall style of this store. Different wall tiles and floors have different effects. According to the owner’s request, he wants a retro style with a darker overall color. So we can choose gray or black as our wall. The wall color can be tile or paint. The ceramic tiles will feel richer and safer.

In addition to the colors of the walls and floors, wall hangings and ceiling lights are also part of the shop decoration. Because its overall style is relatively dark, wall hangings are not suitable for lightbox painting. We can display the content we want to display through the photo frame method as shown in the design drawing. The content of the picture can be some models with different hairstyles.reception desk


Hair Salon Layout

The layout of the store is determined according to the shape. Some shops are divide into several spaces. So we can decide what kind of furniture to put according to the size of the space. From the picture below, we can see the shape of the store and the internal space.

The main business of this store is hairdressing, so our barber station should be placed where people can see it. The first wall on the right can place our reception desk, and the 3D luminous logo can be placed on the wall. This is a routine operation in many shops. Next to the reception desk is the seating area where customers rest. We can put a table in front of the seating area.

In the front space can’t fit too many barber stations, we can extend it to the back. The space on the second wall on the right side is relatively small, so we can also set up a barber station or makeup table. The innermost space and be placed on a shampoo bed/chairs. Apart from the barber station on the left wall is the nail table.

shop floor plan


Look at the above content, then see the 3D design of this hair salon again. What do you think its effect? If you have a shop and you don’t know how to design it, you can send us your floor plan, and tell us your business and the style you like. Our designer will help us to design the beautiful store. You can see the effect of the entire store, such as the type of furniture, style, location, and decoration, etc. You can also buy the same furniture as the design drawings from us.