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The mobile phone accessories store mainly sells mobile phone cases, data cables, tempered film, mobile power supplies, earphones,s and so on. The mobile phone is a very important communication tool and payment tool in modern times, and its use is very common, Mobile phone accessories are closely related to mobile phones. They are not like mobile phones with long service. Some need to be replaced frequently, so there will be shops selling mobile phone accessories separately.

The scale of the mobile phone accessory store is not smaller than that of the mobile phone store, and we must also consider the overall style and effect when designing. The color of a mobile phone accessory store generally depends on the color of the furniture and logo. When buying furniture, many choose to match the color of the logo. This way the whole shop will look more coordinated and beautiful.

cellphone shop display

Mobile Phone Accessories Shop Furniture Design

The most important thing in-store design is to design interior furniture. We need to know how much furniture our shop can accommodate, as well as their styles and types. So we need to design suitable furniture according to the floor plan of the store. The first thing a designer needs to know is the shape and size of the store, which is very important for the furniture in the design. Different sizes and shapes require different furniture. So we need to check the floor plan of the store.

Shop Layout

From the floor plan, we can see the shape and size of the shop so that we can set up suitable furniture. The width of this shop is only 2280mm. If you want to make the shop look more spacious, we can only use the high display cabinet against the wall.

There are actually many styles of display cabinet against the wall, including conventional ones and some decorative cabinets. The furniture that a store needs mainly includes display cabinets and a reception desk. Decoration can be a lightbox and logo.

shop floor plan


Shop Furniture

This store has a total of high wall cabinets, wall display cabinets, and cashier counters. There are two types of tall cabinets against the wall, and a cash counter is used in conjunction with the display. Let us see their details.

cellphone shop floor plan

Wall Glass Shelves Cabinet

The display effect of the glass laminate is very good, it is light-transmissive, we only need to install the light strip on the top of the inside of the cabinet. It can display some products such as mobile power supplies or earphones. Below the cabinet are some storage drawers. We can also install light strips on the display cabinet as decoration. The size of this cabinet is 1550x400x2200mm. 

glass shelves

Slat-wall Cabinet

This kind of slat-wall cabinet is used with hooks. It has a very large capacity and is suitable for hanging some boxed or bagged products. Such as mobile phone cases or data cables. Its structure and size are the same as the glass shelves cabinet, but the display method in the middle is different. This kind of display cabinet can be said to be available in every mobile phone accessory store.

slat-wall display

Wall Mounted Cabinet

Wall cabinets are directly installed on the wall without contact with the ground. The wall cabinets in this store are divided into three displays, slat-wall display, laminate display, and slat-wall display. We can also install a signature logo on it. Light strips can be added to the bottom of the shelf. When you receive the goods, you can use screws to fix them on the wall. We can also make installation pendants behind the cabinet.

wall display

In addition to the display cabinet shown in the picture above, there is also hanging furniture on the wall behind the cash register. They are installed separately without a frame, and there is a lightbox painting in the middle. The lightbox painting is for decoration. They take up very little space. If we don’t have enough space, we can use this way of display.

wall mounted cabinet

Cash Counter

This cash counter is generally a cabinet, half of which is a glass display. This design and the effect it presents are very good. The countertop of the cabinet can be placed with a cash register machine, and the lower rows are full of drawers. The cabinet next to it is a full glass display with a light strip on the top. We can see its effect very well from the design drawing below.

 cash counter

Furniture Color

The customer's logo is black and red. So when we design furniture, we also need to use the same color. Because the most indispensable thing for a store is the logo, our furniture needs to be well integrated with the logo. From the 3D design drawing, we can clearly see the location of the furniture and the distribution of colors. They seem to be very coordinated, and customers will feel more comfortable seeing them.

phone accessories shop

Decoration & Selection Ideas

When we get a shop, some people don’t know what they want, or they have an idea but don’t know if it can work. We can choose to make a design. We have a professional design team, they will assign you a detailed plan based on the floor plan of your store. For example, the placement of the furniture, the size, and the interior decoration, etc. We do a lot of mobile phone accessories shop design and furniture production. If you don’t know how to buy furniture or don’t know what shop style you want. You can refer to some mobile phone designs on our website. They are very beautiful and popular. We can also make a unique design based on your store floor plan.