candy shop

There is a lot of traffic in the park and activity center. Most of them are elderly people and children. Many people will go out for a walk on a rest day or after dinner. There are many recreational and fitness facilities in the park. Some people do entertainment projects, and some people want to open a candy shop. Their main customer groups are children.

The location in the park is limited. It is not like that kind of candy store. The space we can use is limited, and it also has certain restrictions on furniture. So we should also consider the size, size, and location of the store when designing. The candy shop I will introduce today is carried out in an activity center. It is surrounded by trampolines for children to play. Generally, there are many children in this place, so it is a good choice to start a candy shop here.

candy shop

Candy Shop Floor Plan

When designing, the most important thing is the floor plan. Only by designing in accordance with the floor plan, we can get the size and quantity of the prepared furniture, and it is easier to arrange their layout. But no matter where we rent the shop, we can get a floor plan from the landlord. The shape of the entire store and the size of each part can be seen on the floor plan, which is very helpful for our design.

The size of this shop is very small, it is a standard rectangle. There is a wall on the back, a wall and an entrance on the right, and a glass wall and door on the front. We can only use the wall on the back and the wall on the right. Some individual cabinets can be placed in the middle.

Candy Shop Color

There is no limit to the color of the candy shop, it is different from the others, it needs to use a uniform color. The candy shop is colorful, and its color is displayed by the furniture, so we can start with the color of the furniture. We need more high cabinets against the wall. They can all use different colors, but the colors cannot be matched. We have to choose some lighter colors that are easy to match. Such as blue, yellow, light purple and pink, etc.

candy shop design

Park Candy Shop Design


The design is mainly to design the interior furniture and decoration. For candy shops, candies and snacks are the main products, and we need some large-capacity furniture to place them. Most of the candies are placed in the candy box, so we can design the wall cabinet as a trapezoid-shaped shelf display, and then put a few rows of candy boxes on it. The candies are also colored, so the display looks very beautiful and spectacular, and many big brand candy stores also use this kind of furniture to display their candies.

The space in the middle is limited, so you can put in some small display cabinets. Because the main customers of candy are children. We can design some creative furniture, such as some small love heart shapes, bear head shape, etc.


Decorated with the wall, floor, and ceiling decorations. Some stickers can be used on the wall and floor, and there are many choices of patterns, such as cartoon images or some blue sky and white clouds.

There are also many styles of ceiling lights. They have many small animal shapes and many colors. So decoration is very simple for us.

candy stand


If you don’t know how to buy furniture and decorate the shop then I suggest doing a 3D design. As shown in the picture above, we can see the effect of the entire store as well as the style, color, and quantity of the furniture. We will also design the interior decoration, which can help us better confirm all the details. Before buying the furniture, we can also know where they are placed and the specific effects. On our website, there are many 3D candy store designs and candy display cabinets. They can give you references and provide inspiration.