ice cream shop

Even we have small size shop, don’t worry, we also can make it very attractive. As long as we care to do a good job of the premise of the decoration and purchase formula furniture. We can also attract the attention of many customers. When we signing a lease for a shop, we can look at this shop and think about the integrated layout. Such as the bar counter position, the number of the table and chairs, and the shop style or color. If you have no idea, you can find a furniture company to make a shop design first. A professional company will help us to make a professional 3D design, we can see the shop inside furniture and decoration very clearly. Here is a yogurt shop I want to share with you. It is small but looks very beautiful and comfortable.

outdoor yogurt store shop design

Yogurt Shop Furniture

Before, we have to know what we need. We have to combine our business and machines, then we can start the design. This yogurt shop sells yogurt and candy. So we need to make a bar counter. So we need a counter as a cash register and a work table, where customers can order and pick up their meals. Then there are tables and chairs. The number and styles of tables and chairs can be determined according to the size of our store. Of course, the style of furniture is also related to our machines. Our customers have some large ice cream machines, so we need to make some cover stand for ice cream machines. If we don't want customers to touch the ice cream machine, we can put it behind the counter. So when customers buy ice cream, we can give it to them.

Since this shop also sells candy, so we can make the candy display stand. At the door, we designed a lollipop stand, we can insert lollipops on it, it can also attract many customers, especially some children.

yogurt store seating design

Yogurt Shop Decoration

Decoration can be said to be wall decoration, such as wallpaper, lightbox painting, etc. This shop is colorful. We can use different colors of paint or physique for different walls. We also need to use the same color or style as the storefront for the surface of the bar. In addition to stickers, there are also wall tiles. 

There are many styles and colors of ceramic tiles. In addition to the internal color matching, we can put our logo and other decorations on the top of the store door, which we can see clearly from the design drawings. According to the customer's request, we also placed a colorful bench in front of the store.

yogurt store order counter design

Yogurt Shop Equipment

For restaurants, we need some lightbox paintings or advertising machines to display or broadcast our product catalogs and menus. Therefore, the advertising player is also a very important device. We usually install it above the counter. Other kitchen equipment can be placed according to your business type.

yogurt store topping counter design

Yogurt & Ice Cream Shop Design

For a little storefront, if we want to do it well, then designing will make it more convenient for us to make any decisions. When we sign the contract with the landlord, he will give us a floor plan of the store, and we can know the size and shape of the store through the floor plan. Without design, it is difficult for us to buy suitable furniture. Also knows the effect of the decoration. So before buying decoration and furniture, the best way is to make a store design.

We are a company integrating design and furniture production. We have a professional design team and factory. We will help you develop a plan based on your floor plan. You can clearly see the details of every part and every angle. After finalizing the most popular drawing, we can start production. Our design is allowed to be modified, so you can get the design and furniture to your satisfaction here.