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The town where my family is located in a relatively remote area. There are more than a dozen optical shops in the same place. They mainly do customized glasses and sell sunglasses. There are so many opticians in a small town, let alone a big city. Glasses are a very important vision correction product in our lives. Many people around us also wear glasses. There are glasses for myopia for students or office workers, and glasses for hyperopia for the elderly. Because every region or even village has people who need to correct their eyesight, there are a lot of optical shops.

How do we stand out among the many optical shops? When passing by an optical shop, if it is a glass wall and door. We first noticed its overall decoration and internal display furniture. If there is no glass wall we will first see the decoration at the entrance of the store. If it is too simple, I believe no one will want to come in. Just like people, shops need to be packaged, so as to attract more people.

optical kiosk

Modern Optical Store Details

For stores selling a variety of styles of products such as glasses or jewelry, interior furniture is very important, and customers mainly see our display furniture. What I want to introduce to you today is the interior furniture of the following optical shop. 

Furniture Type

For the optical shop, the most important thing is definitely to display the furniture. Glasses have frames of different shapes and colors. We can choose the frames we want when we customize the lenses. The width of this store is small, so the high wall cabinet is our first choice. The space left in the middle can be put in some glass showcases. 

In addition to display cabinets, optical shops also need some information desks. For example, inquire about the condition of the customer’s glasses, and introduce our products and so on. For the middle showcase, we can put some sunglasses, contact lenses, or other things related to our products. What is shown in the design drawing is a watch, which is another product of the customer.

Furniture Style

This shop is relatively simple, the main color is black and white, so the color of our furniture can also be black and white. Most of the cabinets in this store are white, and it uses a bright surface treatment. It can reflect the lights in the store, looks very shiny, and feels good to the touch.

The white high display cabinet is a glass shelf display, and there are some drawers below. Spotlights are installed on the top, which we can buy in bulk. Choosing the same style and color, the whole shop seems to agree to coordinate. There are only four cabinets with mirrors in black. There are drawers under them, which can be used for storage. A mirror is a must-have item for an optical shop, and it is convenient for customers to choose glasses that are more suitable for them. 

Store Decoration Furniture

The lightbox painting can be used as the decoration of the display cabinet, and it is generally installed in the display cabinet. In addition, we also have a cash register. Many stores will build an image wall behind the checkout counter. The image wall can have many colors, plus our luminous logo, it looks very professional and beautiful. 

Other furniture in the store can be designed and customized according to customer requirements. The furniture contained in this store has a wall display cabinet, a middle showcase, a counter for a coffee machine, and a cash register, and so on.

glasses shop cabinet

Ant Display

3D design drawings can confirm many details, such as furniture styles, colors, and store effects. We can see the furniture, decoration, and lighting effects contained in the store. It can also help us decorate our shop better. Ant Display is a professional store furniture designer and manufacturer. We need to design before we make furniture. We can start production after confirming the design. This can avoid many mistakes and allow customers to better understand what they are going to get.