juice bar

Fruit juice is a juice product obtained by physical methods such as squeezing, centrifugation, extraction, etc., Using fruits as raw materials, and processed beverages. Drinking juice regularly can help digestion, moisturize the intestines, and supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet. In the summer, the juice is also a very thirst quencher.

We know that bubble tea is a very popular drink, but it is usually sold with fruit juice. There are many well-known bubble tea brands in China. And the juice they sell is also very delicious. Juice shops are not uncommon, and the equipment is required is very simple. If you want to start a juice shop, we first need to rent a shop. If you already have a storefront, we can arrange the interior layout and decoration.

juice shop

Juice Shop Layout

This shop is very small. The size is 7x5m. It is about the same size as a kiosk in a shopping mall. It is empty and there are no obstacles such as pillars, which is very beneficial for us to arrange furniture. For juice shops, there are generally only two types of furniture. Bar counter/juice kiosk and tables and chairs.


Generally, the bar counter is a U font, and the staff channel is in the middle. Since this shop does not have enough size, it can only arrange high tables and bar chairs against the wall. These two kinds of furniture are placed on the left and right sides of the store, and the remaining middle aisle is for customers.

juice bar

Bar Counter

The bar counter is composed of front and back counters. The front counter can be used as a cashier counter, where customers can check out and pick up goods. Our staff can also pack drinks. It can also hold straws, cups, and refrigerators for storing fruits. In the back is the workbench, where we can place machines and sinks and other equipment.


The front of the bar can be installed with a luminous logo, which is a decoration of the bar and can also develop our brand.

High Table

The table against the wall can sit on only one side, and it is often used in small shops. The client faces the wall, and the chair is also a bar chair. When we buy the table, we can choose the same color as the bar counter.

juice shop furniture


Decoration generally refers to the decoration on the wall. The walls of this shop are decorated with lightboxes, shelves, and 3D luminous logos. They are very common and very practical. The lightbox can be a bit, more, and the content can be a poster image of juice. Ceiling lights can also be used as decorations.

bubble tea shop front


When we rent a store, the first thing we need to do is make a design for the store. We need to design the size and shape of the bar according to the size of the store. Only by designing can we know how to arrange the number of tables and chairs and the location of decorations. It is very helpful for us to confirm the details. 3D design can show us the most realistic effect of the store.

We are a professional furniture customization company. When we start production, we will ship customers to confirm the design first. If there is no design, then we need to build a design. This design fully meets the customer's requirements. Only after both parties confirm the design, we can know the size, color, and material of the furniture we need to produce. If you want to design your shop, you can send your shop floor plan and your idea to us.