Glasses are very common or indispensable tools in our daily life. When we were shopping on the street, we could see that at least half of the people were wearing glasses. Glasses can help us correct our vision and give us a clearer vision. There are many types of glasses. There are reading glasses and glasses for myopia. Their sales are very large. Of course, there are many optical shops. If you also want to open an optical shop, then we need to make a corresponding design for the optical shop and buy some suitable furniture. 

Different stores have different sizes and shapes, and they need a different display of furniture. The shape of the store I’m going to introduce today is rectangular, and its width is relatively small. The furniture that suits this shop is the display cabinet against the wall, as we can see from the design drawing. It divides into two parts. Although the furniture on the left and right sides are the same, their colors are different. It seems that the whole shop is a lot more alive and not too monotonous.

glasses display

Over Tone

The overall tone of this store is light. The main colors are white and light wood. This kind of match is very common and very popular. White is universal, you can drink any color combination. The wood color looks more healthy and natural. We also look comfortable. This color can make our shop look cleaner. Customers are also more willing to come in and browse our products. 

Display Furniture

For a shop, the most important thing is the display furniture inside. Due to space constraints, this shop does not have much furniture. Let's take a look together.

High cabinet against the wall

We can see that there are two types of display furniture in this store. One is the tall cabinet against the wall. The other is the glass display cabinet in the middle. The size of its tall cabinet is very large. The length of our shop is much larger than the width. If you want to show more things, we can choose this kind of high display cabinet against the wall. Their width is about 35 to 40 cm, which takes up a small amount of the width of our shop. This kind of high cabinet is a shelf display, and each layer is equipped with light strips. We can unfold our glasses so that customers can see our glasses models more clearly.

Glass showcase

The glass display cabinet in the middle can hold some expensive glasses. If the customer is fancy, we can show it to the customer to try it on. There is also a light strip installed on the top of this glass. Put a glass display cabinet in the middle, and our shop will not look empty. 

Bench Desk

Next to the glass display cabinet is a bench desk. If our customers have any questions, they can consult us here, or it can be used as a waiting area or repair station. This kind of similar repair station is also very common in mobile phone shops and jewelry stores. Many customers are often reluctant to change their glasses frames, so we can only change the lenses. It is also very important to have a workbench.


Do you like this glasses shop? If your store is also in this shape, then you can consider the same display furniture. If you don't like white and wood colors, you can also choose to change to other colors. Choosing the right display of furniture is very important. We must make good use of every space. If you don't know how to buy furniture. I think we can make a design first, and you can send us the floor plan for your shop. We will design suitable furniture according to the size and shape of your shop. In this way, we can know the effect in advance before purchasing. In this way, many mistakes can be avoided, and we can also buy furniture we like.