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As the name suggests, a grocery store is a store that sells a variety of products. Its products are more complex, there are many types, it is like a small department store. We can buy many different things in it. Of course, due to its rich products, we also need a lot of furniture to classify, so that it will be more convenient for customers to buy.

Generally, there are more people going to the grocery store. When arranging the furniture, we should also arrange the quantity and placement of the furniture. It should not be too crowded, but they're just enough space to display our products. My suggestion is to use some double-sided display stands, which are very commonly used in retail stores. The store below is a grocery store. It has a relatively large store and does not have a lot of furniture. It looks spacious.

grocery shop

Grocery Store Furniture

The furniture of this store is mainly the display of the laminate against the wall and the display of the double-sided laminate in the middle, and their types are similar. It is just that the way of composition or splicing is different. In addition to the shelf display, there is also a cash register and a rest area.

Double-sided Cabinet

This type is usually placed in the middle of the store. Its four sides can be used to display products. Its capacity is very large. Each layer can also be affixed with price or detail labels. This kind of display cabinet is generally used in grocery stores, convenience stores, or some warehouses.

Single-sided Cabinet

This kind is placed against the wall because the depth of this kind of cabinet is relatively small, so it will not take up a lot of space. Because it is a retail product, the height of the cabinet should not be too high, and the product should be placed where the customer can reach it. It is the same cabinet as the double-sided cabinet. Their installation is very flexible, we can buy the right quantity and style according to our own ideas.

conenience store furniture

Reception Desk

The reception desk is generally placed in the corner or against the wall, and we can make good use of our wall. We can install our logo behind the reception counter. The logo can also be used as a decoration, which looks very nice.

Seating area

For grocery stores, the seating area is relatively small. But if we want to develop into a high-end brand, we can set up a seating area in the store, which can be used for customers to rest, and we can also have some regular customers.

display cabinets

Furniture Color

For the retail store, the uniformity of furniture color is very popular. They can make our store look more tidy and uniform, and customers will feel more comfortable. The furniture in this store is mainly black and wood color and the wood color feels milder, and it is also very common to use in the store. The color of the furniture can also match the color of the logo.

Ant Display

If you want to see the overall effect of the store, we can make a design for the grocery store. We will design all the furniture and decorations in the store. Before purchasing, we can confirm the style, color, quantity, and price of the furniture. We have a professional design team, they can help us design everything, after confirming the design, we can start production. All our furniture is made according to customers' ideas, so you can get what you want here.