Hello, everyone. Welcome to our website. This is a cellphone accessory store design, we can see it has a lot of beautiful furniture. Its main color is gold and dark, it feels modern and fashionable. The shapes of this furniture are also very special, some are glass display cabinets fixed on the wall, and some are arc-shaped display cabinets. From the design drawing, we can clearly see the shape and color matching of all display cabinets, which can help us confirm many details.

From the top view, we can see the distribution of all the furniture. We also need the floor plan of the store to confirm the size of the store, then we can design suitable display furniture, so the design is very necessary. We need to make the 3d design first, then we can confirm all the details. Let’s look at the furniture details in this phone accessories shop.

Cellphone store display showcase

Wall glass cabinet

Size: 2000x400x1500mm

Material: MDF, tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Light: LED spotlight

Price: 4000USD


Oval display cabinet

Size: 1500x400x700mm

Material: MDF, tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Price: 1200USD


Middle showcase

Size: 300x300x1400mm

Material: MDF, Tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Price: 600USD

Do you like this furniture? The display furniture for the mobile phone store has many different styles. You can see many store designs on our website. If there is a style you like, you can tell us. We can design the interior furniture according to your store size, logo, and requirements. We are a professional furniture export company, when we finish the goods, we will transport them to your country. Our production time is about 28 working days. The shop design fee is 500-1000USD, It depends on the shop area. If you have a shop and want to design it or buy some display furniture, you can contact us.