cosmetic shop

Cosmetic as a modern brand, it is a beautiful expression. There are many international cosmetics brands that we know. In addition to the famous brands, there are also many affordable and skincare products are used by all women. So the market for cosmetics is very large. There are many definitions of fashion. So we also have many ideas when designing a store, and it can have many styles. If we have a shop, we will design according to the type of our products and the area of the store.

Cosmetic Shop Layout

The cosmetic shop display in the picture below is designed for our customers from Vietnam. He has a square storefront, it is mainly selling cosmetics and skincare production where the length is much larger than the width. We generally choose to make two rows of high cabinets against the wall.  In addition to the display furniture on the two walls, there are many places in the middle. So we can put some small counter here. But don’t recommend it too much. The pass-way between the two walls and the counter in the middle is enough for people to pass through, and it does not look crowded.

cosmetic retail shop decoration

The innermost is the cash register and a wall cabinet where the advertising player is placed. Below the cabinet is a storage cabinet, where we can store goods. The advertising machine can play some videos about cosmetics.

cosmetic shop stands

This shop have some different furniture style, they have different display method, material, and color. Those are all the common display furniture. They have a slat wall cabinet display, shelf display, and a middle small counter. There are the types of display cabinets, the same type of cabinet materials and styles are also diverse.


There are 6 such display cabinets on the left side of the entrance. Every three is put together, it looks like a whole. This type of cabinet needs to be used with a hook. We can hang some smaller products such as false eyelashes or mascara, etc. The cabinet below is some storage cabinets. And we install the light strip at the cabinet top. Sometimes we add lightbox posters or stickers to make the cabinet more beautiful.

retail shop design

Material: We can see this cabinet has a wood color, this wood effect is the surface finish of the cabinet. We call this surface finish a laminate. Laminate has many wood colors and grain. If you don’t like the picture color, we can choose another one.

Adjustable Shelf Cabinet

The display furniture on the right of the entrance is an adjustable shelf cabinet. It has the same material as the Slatwall cabinet. Its shelf can be adjusted, we can decide their height. In addition to placing the shelf, we can also hang hooks. It is more flexible than a Slatwall cabinet.

Fixed Shelf Cabinet

The other wall cabinet of the shop are some fixed shelf cabinets. They are consist of a metal frame and some solid shelves. The metal frame has a more advanced feel. We all know cosmetics are a kind of luxury product. So many shops will choose metal materials that also look high-end as display furniture. Metal frames have three colors, black, silver, and gold. The shop chooses the black frame. It matches well with the white shelves.

Middle Small Display Counter

It looks like a jewelry showcase. It is consists of a gold cabinet stand and a glass box. We add a logo and LED light on the stand. It is very luxurious. We can put lipstick inside or perfume. And the inside top we will install the light, it looks bright. We can also change the golden to wood color or white color, I think it will match the other furniture well.

Advertising Player Stand

If you want to play your product video, we can use an advertising player. It can be separate or install on the stand. For cosmetic shops, we usually install in the cabinet. Because it is not only installed in the cabinet but also installed on the wall. Its position is very difficult to determine.


They are all customizable, so their styles and colors are endless, and we can create any furniture we want. The size, shape, and color of the display cabinet are not limited. If we have our own ideas, we can come up with them. The above are more common styles, and they all have the same function. But we can choose different shapes and colors. We are a furniture customization company, if you have any ideas, we can help you design and produce.