candy shop furniture

The candy shop is equivalent to a children’s dream world. There are not only a lot of delicious candies but also a lot of cute furniture. Some candy shops also provide toy corners, and children can also place them here. When starting a candy store, more and more people will choose to buy some special-shaped furniture and will choose some different colors of furniture. There are many ways to display candies, so the choice of furniture is endless.

Many people start to choose furniture after renting in the store. If the store is relatively large, there is a certain risk of buying furniture directly. We are not sure whether this furniture can be accurately placed in our store, nor are we sure of their effect. The best way is to make a 3D design for the store. All furniture can be customized, so we can create some new furniture. Since the size and quantity of the furniture are designed according to the floor plan of the store. They are matched with the size of our store. The second is that we can see its overall effect through the design drawing. This is also helpful for us to confirm the details.

candy shop design

Candy Store 3D Design

The design is based on the shop floor plan, so the first thing we need is the floor plan. We have our own designers who will design all the appropriate furniture and decorations inside. After the design is completed, we will send you confirmation. If you need to modify, you can tell us. And our designers will modify the design according to your requirements.

This shop is very beautiful and colorful. We can see a lot of unique display furniture and decoration. This shop is very bright, and most of the colors inside are light-colored. There are also many different styles of candy display cabinets. It has a total of 8 different types of display furniture.

Display Furniture

Candy shops can accommodate a variety of furniture, it is different from other shops. The more variety of furniture, the more beautiful it looks. If you don't know what kind of furniture to buy, here are several kinds of furniture for your reference, they are all very popular.

Cake Shelf

This kind of display cabinet is the same as that kind of multi-layer cake. Its laminates are curved, and the diameter of the laminates decreases from bottom to top. This cake display is suitable for placing boxed snacks or some small plush toys. The interior of the furniture is supported by iron pipes, so it is very strong.

cake stand

Acrylic Shelves

This acrylic shelf display cabinet is a double-sided display, and the transparent acrylic laminate is used in the middle. Acrylic is lighter than glass, and there is no need to worry about being broken. The edge of the laminate is curved, so it is very safe. It mainly uses acrylic balls to place products. Since the balls are open at the top, we can only store candies with wrappers. At the bottom of the cabinet is a locker. We can store some tools or inventory.

acrylic shelf

Lollipop Stand

It is in the shape of a lollipop and a cane. This lollipop stand is one of the most popular pieces of furniture. It is very attractive. Many people put this display at the door. Its display method is the same as the above acrylic laminate display, both using acrylic balls. The iron ring that supports the acrylic ball is installed in the stand and is firm and not easy to fall off. 

lollipop cabinet

Snail Slat-wall Stand

The display method of this kind of furniture is a hook display. Our products can only be hung on them. It is suitable for displaying some small parts of candy or toys. It is shaped like a snail and looks very creative.

candy shop

Cylindrical Shelves

This is a high display stand, and it is also a laminate display. Its top and bottom are two small cylinders, and the middle is a circular laminate. This is also one of the best-selling pieces of furniture in candy stores.

display stand

Wall Cabinet

This is one of the indispensable pieces of furniture for candy shops. Most of the wall cabinets are shelf displays, which can be used to place candy boxes and candy dispensers. Their capacity is also relatively large. Generally, the number of wall cabinets require is large. We can buy in bulk. There are three types of wall cabinets in this store, and they all have their own functions.

The size and color of all these display furniture can be customized. When we buy the same type of furniture, we can choose different colors.

The above are some recommendations for candy store furniture. Of course, there are more interesting and beautiful display cases on our website. If there is no type you like, we can also create some new displays. If you have a store, we can do the design first.