Hello, welcome to our website. Are you looking for some good-looking mobile phone store designs? We all know that mobile phones and mobile phone accessories are one of the most popular products. There are a lot of mobile phone shops on the street, they sell different products and brands, and their styles are also different. So there are many styles and choices. If we have our own mobile phone store, I think the most important thing is to make a design for our mobile phone now. This way we can know how much furniture our store can hold and how effective they are overall.

What I want to introduce to you today is a very small store. It's in the mall. Mainly sell mobile phones and mobile phone cases or charging cables. We can see that its area is small if we want to show more things. We can choose some high back cabinets against the wall, which is one of the very popular display cabinets. They are mainly our mobile phone accessories. If we want to display our mobile phone, we can choose to put one or two glass display cases. Smaller cabinets will not take up too much space. Finally, there is the cash register. This is our workbench, where we can put our computers. This is also one of the very important pieces of furniture.

cellphone shop

Design Idea

Design is very important whether it is the effect of our store or ourselves. Without design, we don't know what kind of furniture we want, what kind of furniture fits our shop, and the space in our shop. Design can present the overall effect of a shop in front of us. We can see the effect of the shop, the style, quantity, and color of the furniture. So, if you have a storefront, we recommend designing it first. Design is mainly to design the layout and types of furniture.


For small-sized storefronts, the best way is to design some display cabinets against the wall. So we can design some tall display cabinets around the wall. The width of the tall display cabinet is very small and can't occupy much area. After arranging the cabinets against the wall, we can consider what kind of furniture the middle position can accommodate. In the middle are usually some short glass cabinets. The front is usually in the middle of the corner. The size of the front desk does not need to be too big, it is enough to accommodate one person. If you still want to show your brand. We can install our luminous logo on the wall so that customers can see our brand at a glance.

High cabinet against the wall

There are also many types of tall cabinets against the wall. One is the slat wall display, the other is the solid panel display, and the inclined display and glass laminate display. These are all displays of mobile phone accessories. Their length is generally 120-150cm, width is 35-40cm, and height is 200-250cm. You design or buy according to the style you like.

Glass showcase

There are many styles of this kind, and some are common to glasses and jewelry. Generally, the upper layer is a glass display, and the lower is a storage cabinet. The design of our store is a double glass display cabinet with a drawer below. We can put our logo in front of the cabinet. Light strips are installed on the glass top of such cabinets.

Reception desk

The cash register is generally simple. The cash register in this shop is dual-purpose. We can see the hook display on the outside and the cabinet on the inside. We can put our computer or cash register on the countertop.


These three types of furniture are the main types of furniture in mobile phone stores, of course, they have many styles. We can design and choose freely. In addition to furniture, other decorations are our logo or product poster lightbox. Before opening a store, it is important to confirm everything. The most direct way is to design. If you have no ideas, our designers will help us. We are a furniture customization company, we have our own factory and design team. We can provide services from start to finish. From design to transportation, if you are interested in our company, your consultation is very welcome.