The most important thing in a candy store is color, so generally, we buy furniture not single, but with many colors. The main customers of the candy store are children, so our candy store style should be interesting and innovative. The candy store in the picture above is designed according to the requirements of our customers. It has two products, one is toys and the other is candy, both of which are liked by children. So the style of our store and furniture should be more beautiful and attractive. It has two floors. The first floor sells candies and the second floor sells toys. We can see that in addition to the furniture that displays the candy, it also has some decorations, such as tree decorations or some lollipop decorations. Toys and candies are displayed on the shelf cabinets, their capacity will be larger. The color can be chosen arbitrarily.

candy shop


If we want to design our own shop, the first thing we need to consider is what style our shop should use. Because the style determines the color of our shop and furniture. If you like cute ones, we can have more colors. If you like high-end, we can choose some darker and uniform furniture. The color of the shop I introduced today is relatively bright, and the style is also the type that children like. Because it has more colors and decorations. The classification of the products is very clear, which is more convenient for us to confirm and distinguish. Sometimes different products have different styles. For example, this store has two main products and two floors of the display. In this way, we can also design different styles upstairs and downstairs.

Display Furniture

Since this shop has two main products, the display furniture of different products is also different. When we design and display furniture, we must design our own product types and quantities. Let's take a look at the furniture design of this store.

Candy Display Furniture

The downstairs of this shop is the candy area. When designing furniture, we must first look at the layout of our shop. From the design drawing, we can see that there is a cylinder inside the store. We can also use this cylinder. For example, make some decorations on it, install some small layers or pallets to place our candy display box. We can design a row of candy display stands against the wall. The above can display our candy box and candy dispenser. In addition to the display against the wall, we also need to use the middle position. If you need a rest area, we can design some sofa chairs. If we want to attract the attention of children, we can also design some attractive furniture. For example, the tree-shaped furniture in the picture has a tree model at the top and a circular shelf display at the bottom. Since the walls and doors of this shop are glass, our customers can see our interior decoration and furniture from the outside. So when we design furniture in the store, we can design something practical and beautiful.

Toy Display Furniture

The most used toy display cabinet is the laminate display. Because they are generally packed in cartons and square, we can put them on the laminate. On the edge of this shop, we can see a row of small red trains. They can be used as decoration or storage. Children can also sit inside and serve multiple purposes. A Wall display is used in every store. They occupy a relatively small space. We recommend this display cabinet.


The candy shop is one of the most popular shops. When we want to start a candy business, we can first make a design for our shop. See what style of furniture suits us. On the design drawing, we can modify it if it is not suitable. So that we can finally get what we want. Today this store is designed according to the size of our store and his requirements. If you want to design something similar, you can contact us. We have a professional design team that can help us make a beautiful 3D design. Our design fee depends on the size of the shop. If you have any ideas, we welcome you to discuss them together.