sunglasses display cabinet

Glasses are very common in our lives. Many people choose to wear glasses because of myopia. So the business of the optical shop is also very good. If you have been to an optical shop, you can see that many myopia glasses are displayed in glass cabinets. One is to prevent customers from touching, and the other is to protect our property. In addition to myopia and hyperopia glasses, the optical shop also has sunglasses and some other products. We need to buy some furniture to display our products. As you can see in the picture above, we can see that it has two display cabinets, one is the tall cabinet against the wall, and the other is the glass low cabinet. Let’s see their details.

Optical shop glass display furniture for sale

Size: 1500x350x3000mm, 1200x500x1200mm (It can be customize)

Material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: Customize

Light: LED light

Logo: 3D acrylic luminous logo

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Production time: About 18-28 working days( it depends on the quantity)

Shipping time: 22-35 days(It based on your nearest port or your door)

The furniture in this shop is all black, which looks a bit dark. But our furniture is not fixed style. We are a custom-made company. The size, shape, and color of all furniture can be customized. If you want to buy some furniture for your optical shop, you can send us the floor plan of your shop, and we can make a design for the shop first so that we can confirm more details. We can help you design an entire shop, design all the furniture and decorations inside so that we can also see the effect. Our store design fee is 500-1000 US dollars, the specific amount depends on the area of the store.